State-of-the-art emergency centre in Brisbane

ImageAn innovative emergency services centre has been introduced to Brisbane, adding to the city’s forward-thinking development style. Image

As the international gateway city to Queensland and the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane demands an innovative strategy to encourage commercial growth and foster a sustainable future.

There are a series of factors that contribute to a healthy economy including property investment, urban renewal and consumer sentiment – and Brisbane is fortunate to have experienced recent developments in all three categories.

It was reported (April 24) by the Property Council of Australia that the region experienced a significant increase in consumer confidence in the property industry over the last three quarters.

It was also announced (April 27) by the state government that Brisbane commissioned one of the nation's most modern and advanced emergency communication and coordination centres.

The Ambulance and Fire Communications Centre is equipped with frontline technology and sophisticated tools to answer the expanding needs of thriving Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

Police and Community Safety Minister Jack Dempsey was pleased to announce the development, deeming it an invaluable enhancement to the growing city.

"The life-saving work which goes on behind the communications centre walls is imperative to ensuring the fastest and most appropriate service is delivered to Queenslanders, in what can be some of the most distressing times a person can experience," he said.

Posted by Tyler Wyndham