Resource projects to bring benefits all across Queensland

ImageA social impact plan for regional areas of Queensland is set to help residents cope with new development resulting from Liquefied Natural Gas projects. Image

With mining projects heating up the economy in Queensland, there are many opportunities for property investment, commercial enterprise and economic advancement.

While Brisbane has long been the centre of state activity, more remote areas are starting to make a healthy contribution to financial gains.

Resource assets in regional outlands have been attracting residents from all over Australia for employment purposes as well as lucrative business prospects.

Brisbane property investment also stands to gain from this influx of people and injection of funds.

In order to foster responsible action in these rapidly growing rural regions, Queensland has committed to providing major social and community benefits to the people of Gladstone, Maranoa and Banana.

The state coordinator-general has approved the second social impact management plan for the region, specifically for the Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas (GLNG) Facility jointly operated by Santos, Petronas and TOTAL.

Deputy premier Jeff Seeney made the announcement and was steadfast in the motivations behind the investment.

"Queensland’s LNG industry is on the cusp of a boom that will fundamentally reshape our economy. How we manage that boom and the environmental, social and economic impacts will be crucial for generations to come," he said.

Posted by Tyler Wyndham