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Whilst Australia overall has a lower population density per square kilometre than most developed countries throughout the world, the bulk of its population resides in its major capital cities. Sydney being the largest, followed by Melbourne and then Brisbane. Throughout the 20 th century Australia embraced suburbia and extended outwards from the city centres. The cultural ideal was a house on a quarter acre block with a large yard.

Since the early to mid 1990’s a trend to inner city living and a cosmopolitan lifestyle has emerged and is expected to continue, to reflect other similar cultures. It began in Sydney & Melbourne with Brisbane joining the trend in the late 1990’s. Given the past 100 years of suburban living, Australia has a lot of catching up to do as inner city commercial and industrial areas are replaced with residential apartments to reflect the changing urban values.

As the inner city lifestyle continues to increase in popularity and the supply of land is limited, medium to long term rental returns and capital gains are expected to continue to be strong.


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