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5 Tips to Buy the Best Investment Property Melbourne has to Offer

For those looking to buy an investment property, Melbourne’s real estate market has a lot to offer. According to data from, investors buying units in Melbourne benefit from an estimated positive cash flow of $525 per month (at time of writing). This figure is based on the average rental yield of 5.4% and the […]

A Step-By-Step Property Investment Strategy for Melbourne Investors

If you invest wisely, you’ll buy a property that provides solid and growing rental income and benefits from capital growth in line with your investment objectives. Rental income in Melbourne outstrips wage growth and inflation In the September quarter of 2015, the median rent in Melbourne stood at $380. That’s $110 higher than in the […]

How To Take The Headache Out Of Locating Your Next Investment Property In Brisbane In 2016

Property investors are the ultimate beneficiaries of passive income, though maximising that income takes some hard work initially. If you are properly prepared and take a systematic approach to locating your next investment property in Brisbane in 2016, not only will you be able to maximise your income and profit, you’ll also reduce the amount […]

Don’t Try Buying An Investment Property In Queensland Without Reading This First!

Buying an investment property in QLD can be the best decision an investor will ever make, but, if you’re not properly prepared, it could turn out to be the worst. You’ll want to make certain that you get the best advice and access to the best investment opportunities. This, though, is only half the story. Many […]

How To Get Started In Property Investment

Keen to secure your financial future by becoming a property investor in Australia? Download our FREE Report to find out how how you can become a property investor right now – we show you real examples and explain how to reap the benefits of off-the-plan property investment. Low deposits and above average capital growth make […]

Investing in Off the Plan apartments in the Melbourne Property Market

There has been a shift in living habits in Melbourne. Whereas people used to look for detached homes with backyards and pools, Aussies now want to live in apartments in buildings with communal pools and gym facilities. They want to live near where they work, and equally close to trendy coffee bars, cafés, and restaurants. […]

Why APRA’s Mortgage Restrictions are Good News for Off-The-Plan Property Investors

The Australian Prudential and Regulatory Authority (APRA) announced measures this week that promise to restrict access to mortgages for property investment. While the news has sent reverberations through the investment community, those investing in off-the-plan properties are likely to be least affected, given the way that most investors are funding these properties. Banks and other […]

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Buying Real Estate Off the Plan

It’s easy to be blinded by the huge potential profits from investing in off the plan property, and many investors jump in without considering any possible disadvantages. Unscrupulous sales agents will spend all their time telling potential investors of the wonderful profits they will make and ignore the potential downside. You’ve probably heard the horror […]

How to Make a Secure Real Estate Investment

In 2007, Nancy De Losa invested in an off the plan property as a first-time investor. The property she chose was a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. The property was completed three months behind schedule – a warning sign in itself – and so she immediately lost three months rental that she had been relying upon. Her […]

Brisbane’s Most Investible Suburbs

In much the same way as Melbourne’s million dollar suburbs have changed over the years, Brisbane’s landscape has also changed. According to figures from The National Property Research Co. the number of million dollar sales in Brisbane has more than trebled over the last ten years, despite the interruption of the Global Financial Crisis. Some […]

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