How To Take The Headache Out Of Locating Your Next Investment Property In Brisbane In 2016

Locating Your Next Investment Property in BrisbaneProperty investors are the ultimate beneficiaries of passive income, though maximising that income takes some hard work initially. If you are properly prepared and take a systematic approach to locating your next investment property in Brisbane in 2016, not only will you be able to maximise your income and profit, you’ll also reduce the amount of work you need to do before signing on the bottom line.

Here we look at the seven steps to take when locating your next investment property in Brisbane in 2016. Follow these and you’ll be more certain of the returns that your investment of time and money deserves.

Step 1: Look ‘close’ to the CBD

Most people want to live close to the CBD, so make sure this is top of your list when you are doing the legwork required when locating your next investment property in Brisbane. In 2016, with the economy bouncing around current levels, the number of jobs in Brisbane is tipped to increase, so access to the CBD may be an even bigger factor than before. However, there are other ways to be ‘close’ to the CBD.

Step 2: Look for transport accessibility

Suburbs a few kilometres from the CBD are not as far away from work and leisure facilities as they used to be, provided the location benefits from access to good transportation routes. Look for properties close to public transport hubs – a ten-minute walk in the Queensland climate is perfect to blow away the cobwebs in the morning and unwind in the evening.

Step 3: Look for proximity to local amenities

People want to live near to the amenities that matter to them, so when locating your next investment property in Brisbane in 2016 look for key social infrastructure. As well as public transport, your investment property should benefit from nearby shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, and sporting facilities.

Step 4: Look for signs of regeneration and investment

Suburbs earmarked for improvements in local facilities, amenities, and infrastructure provide the best potential for long-term capital growth. If local authorities have committed to building new schools, or upgrading shopping centres and local roads, and investing in health services, this is a good sign that the suburb will be popular as a place to live in the future.

You should also consider what private investment is being made: especially by new employers moving into the area. These will bring more employment opportunities and encourage more people to move into the suburb pushing up demand for your property.

Step 5: Be prepared to compromise

If you wait for the perfect property, you’ll be waiting a long time and risk missing a great investment opportunity. When locating your next investment property in Brisbane in 2016, be prepared to compromise a little between property, price, and position – do this and you are more likely to find a highly profitable investment.

Step 6: Remember you are buying for someone else

Investing in property is different to buying a home. When thinking about location and the property itself – including fixtures and fittings – remember that you need to appeal to your target tenant.

Step 7: Always work with developers with a proven track-record

Off-the-plan property produces incredible investment returns with deposits as low as 10%, but if you don’t work with an experienced developer with a proven track-record you risk seeing your investment underperform. Experienced developers have access to the best locations and structure deals to provide the best capital growth and rental returns.

Be the first to know

These seven steps will help you as you either start your property portfolio or add to an existing one. When you work systematically in locating your next investment property in Brisbane in 2016, it pays to focus on capital growth and rental income potential, and remember that the best deals get snapped up quickly.

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