Fitzroy Gardens to benefit from appealing upgrade

ImageA $13.9 million revitalisation project has commenced for the former Fitzroy Gardens works depot site – an initiative that will likely bring broad benefits to Melbourne. Image

Melbourne has made additional progress in its quest to secure a sustainable future with the commencement of work on a Water for the Future initiative.

The $13.9 million project to revitalise the former Fitzroy Gardens works depot site will see the installation of a five million-litre underground stormwater tank, a brand new depot, a visitor centre and a beautiful garden area.

The development may encourage Melbourne property investment as it is progressive towards a green future and a responsible way to provide recycled water to the community.

Parliamentary secretary for sustainability and urban water senator Don Farrell was pleased to announce the various benefits of the venture.

He said: "Once completed, the recycled water will be stored in one of Melbourne’s largest underground tanks, and assist in the supply of more than half the annual irrigation needs of Fitzroy Gardens."

Lord mayor Robert Doyle was confident in the interest the park would draw from visitors and said it would contribute towards maintaining the heritage of the site.

He also commented on the broader appeal of the project: "Melbourne is a city renowned for its beautiful parks and gardens and Fitzroy Gardens in particular, is noted as our green gem with three million people visiting it each year."