5 Tips to Buy the Best Investment Property Melbourne has to Offer

For those looking to buy an investment property, Melbourne’s real estate market has a lot to offer. According to data from realestate.com.au, investors buying units in Melbourne benefit from an estimated positive cash flow of $525 per month (at time of writing). This figure is based on the average...

A Step-By-Step Property Investment Strategy for Melbourne Investors

If you invest wisely, you’ll buy a property that provides solid and growing rental income and benefits from capital growth in line with your investment objectives. Rental income in Melbourne outstrips wage growth and inflation In the September quarter of 2015, the median rent in Melbourne stood at $380....

How To Take The Headache Out Of Locating Your Next Investment Property In Brisbane In 2016

Property investors are the ultimate beneficiaries of passive income, though maximising that income takes some hard work initially. If you are properly prepared and take a systematic approach to locating your next investment property in Brisbane in 2016, not only will you be able to maximise your income and...

Don’t Try Buying An Investment Property In Queensland Without Reading This First!

Buying an investment property in QLD can be the best decision an investor will ever make, but, if you’re not properly prepared, it could turn out to be the worst. You’ll want to make certain that you get the best advice and access to the best investment opportunities. This, though,...

Lower interest rate may support property investment

ImageThe Reserve Bank of Australia has lowered the interest rate in a move that may support property investment areas across the nation.

Fitzroy Gardens to benefit from appealing upgrade

ImageA $13.9 million revitalisation project has commenced for the former Fitzroy Gardens works depot site - an initiative that will likely bring broad benefits to Melbourne.

Vacancy rates favour property owners in Brisbane

ImageBrisbane property investors may be encouraged by low rental vacancy rates in the region.

Property investment potential in Melbourne’s Southbank

ImageMelbourne's Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE 2010) paints a nice picture for property investors.

State-of-the-art emergency centre in Brisbane

ImageAn innovative emergency services centre has been introduced to Brisbane, adding to the city's forward-thinking development style.

Resource projects to bring benefits all across Queensland

ImageA social impact plan for regional areas of Queensland is set to help residents cope with new development resulting from Liquefied Natural Gas projects.