Australian Investment Property: Non-Residents Full Service Option

Australian Property Investor Assistance
A Full Service Option for Non Resident Investors

Once you have selected an appropriate property, there are a number of issues to deal with.  These issues can all be handled by you personally, or you can use our full service “AustralianProperty Investor Assistance” (APIA) program.

Using APIA provides the most streamlined and hassle free way to set up your overseas investment with people who understand your needs. For a fully tax deductable cost, you can appoint us to coordinate communication between our recommended service providers to minimise your involvement, maximise your returns and save time.

Whilst independent of one another, we have established service providers who know how to provide the required information to one another. We are able to provide the following services to you:

Foreign Investment Review Board Approval (FIRB):
Australian property sold to a foreign owner must be approved by the Australian Government.
We will obtain this approval on your behalf, if pre-approval has not yet been arranged for your property.

Independent Lawyer/Solicitor:
A fully independent professional lawyer will be needed to ensure that the Contract to purchase property, and loan documentation and other legal matters, are all attended to so as to ensure your rights are protected. We have dealt with many such firms over the years and will recommend and liaise with an appropriate firm to act for you in all legal matters pertaining to the purchase of your investment property. These firms are totally independent of us, the vendor of your property and the vendors lawyer.  They are only concerned with your legal protection.

Property Manager:

When acquiring property for investment purposes it is critically important to find a good tenant and to manage the tenant. Income collection and reporting is critical. We recommend an experienced local rental manager and oversee and monitor their performance, including:
• Collection and banking of rent
• Payment of outgoings such as utilities, City rates, building levies, insurances
• Forwarding of monthly and annual statements to your Australian Accountants (and, of course, to you).

Property Finance:
Our mortgage brokers can readily provide Australian based loans using the Australian property as primary security.  Loans up to 80% of property value are available.  Our mortgage brokers are most experienced in the needs of non resident investors.

Accounting and Taxation Services:
As a foreign-based owner of Australian property that will produce rental income you must register as a non-resident for taxation purposes.  Each year (Australian tax year end is 30 June) an Income Tax Return declaring all Australian income and expenditure must be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office.  Once a property is re-sold, and a Capital Gain is experienced, this gain is subject to Australian Capital Gains Tax. A calculation of profit needs to be made and reported to the Australian Taxation Office.

Our recommended accountant will take care of your Australian Taxation Office responsibilities and offer full reporting to and liaison with your locally based Accountant.  As  income and expenditure, and ultimately, capital gain consequences of your investment will need to be communicated to your local accountant.

Pre-Settlement Inspection:
You may wish to personally inspect your completed property at the time of settlement.  But either way we will arrange for the services of a professional independent building inspector to ensure that your property has been built to the specifications outlined in your contract.  Any defects will be reported to you and also directly reported to the builder.  A post settlement inspection will then be carried out to ensure that any defects have been rectified and again you will receive a full report.

Insurance Broker:
The investment property itself and the contents such as microwave ovens, dishwashers and the like, need to be adequately covered by insurance.  We will recommend an experienced insurance broker.

An Australian bank account will need to be opened and operated. Rental income will be collected, and after operating expenses are paid on your behalf, the net rent will be paid into this account. Out of this account will be paid interest on any Australian based loans. A cashflow projection will be prepared and provided so that periodic transfers from your local bank account can be made to keep the account in funds. All documentation in regard to opening and operating the Australian bank account will be attended to.

Further details of this service, its cost and the costings of the various service providers are available on request.

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